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Last updated Tue Apr 23 2024

The Knitting Network Engages 748 Shoppers with Time-Limited Deals in Three Days


  • Promote special deals and time-limited offers to all visitors

  • Help visitors find the best deals easily from the homepage


  • Onsite notifications as a new channel to drive shoppers to product and collection pages


  • 26%

    Average open rate of campaigns

  • 748

    New shoppers visited product pages in three days via notifications

  • 2X

    Higher website engagement from visitors who opened notifications

  • Website: The Knitting Network

  • Founded: 2016

  • Location: Sittingbourne, the United Kingdom

  • Industry: Arts, crafts & sewing

The Knitting Network: all the leading yarn brands, in one place

The Knitting Network is the UK’s favorite online yarn store, with over 40,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and a wide range of yarns, patterns, needles, and accessories in stock for knitters and crocheters everywhere.

The Knitting Network’s customers are enthusiastic crafters who appreciate the first-class service, excellent prices, and exceptional quality products. They love the brand because they share their passion for knitting and crochet, while providing them with the tools they need to create beautiful handmade items.

onsite notifications

“The idea to implement a notification feed on our website came from our desire to engage with our customers more effectively. 

We wanted to provide them with real-time updates on relevant promotions and product news, while also maintaining an unobtrusive browsing experience. To achieve this, we turned to Wisepops and its powerful notification capabilities.”

Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network

How The Knitting Network engages shoppers with Wisepops onsite notifications

Here are some of the campaigns:

  • Limited-time offer for a product collection

  • Promotion of a special deal for new arrivals

  • Promo offer (special price on premium products)

onsite notifications on the knitting network

“The main purpose behind implementing Wisepops is to keep our customers informed about special promotions, product updates, sale events, and other offers that cater to their interests. By strategically using notifications, we aim to increase average order value, improve customer engagement, and drive repeat purchases.”

Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network

Campaign #1: 

A limited-time offer for a product collection

Goal: Increase sales of the Sunflower yarns collection

The Knitting Network created this campaign to inform visitors about a special offer on a collection of products made by Sunflower:

onsite campaign3

Those who got interested in the offer and clicked Shop now landed on the page with the collection. From there, they could get more info on each product and buy:

collection page


As you can see, the campaign ran for just three days.

Within this time, the notification drove 444 shoppers to the promoted collection, achieving a 18% CVR:


Campaign #2: 

Promotion of a special deal for new arrivals

Goal: Maximize customer engagement with the new product collection made by Papatya

This time, The Knitting Network also promoted a collection of products. The notification was made to feature product photos as well the special price:

onsite campaign1

Just like in the previous campaign, clicking Shop Now led shoppers to the collection.


In just two days (the offer was shown only during a weekend), 418 shoppers read the message (26% CTR) and over 170 visitors (11% CVR) checked out the offer:

performance onsite notifications

Campaign #3: 

A promo offer (special price for premium yearns)

Goal: Increase sales of an organic cotton collection

In this one, The Knitting Network promoted a collection of premium yarns made by the Elements brand:

onsite campaign


Over 281 shoppers learned about the promo offer. Of those, 130 went to discover products:

performance onsite notifications1

“Through Wisepops' notification feed, our website has seen improvements in customer engagement, sales and brand identity. Our next objective is to personalise the customer journey to enhance the experience even more by targeting specific audiences.”

Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network

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