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Last updated Tue Apr 23 2024

Yespark generates 4,7k leads with an onsite campaign combining popups and bars


  • Promote a new service: short-term parking rental

  • Build an email list of engaged clients

  • Updating website visitors on brand news


  • Drive traffic to the new service from the homepage with an onsite notification

  • Convert new and returning visitors with dedicated popup and bar campaigns

  • Share brand news on the homepage with onsite notifications


  • 55.5%

    CVR of the new feature announcement

  • 3,492

    first-time visitors converted into leads

  • 1,245

    returning visitors converted into leads


  • Website: Yespark France

  • Location: Paris, France

  • Founded: 2014

  • Industry: Car parking rental service

Making parking space rental hassle-free

Yespark is a convenient parking service that offers hassle-free and secure parking solutions. It provides subscribers with access to a network of private parking spaces in urban areas, allowing them to find, reserve, and use parking spots easily through a mobile app. 

Yespark's user-friendly platform eliminates the stress of searching for parking, making city parking more accessible and efficient. The service aims to enhance urban mobility by providing a seamless parking experience, minimizing congestion, and offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional parking options.

yespark promo

Yespark uses onsite notifications on its main website (for France). 

They are embedded into the website’s header. To see them, visitors click on a loudspeaker, which is a custom implementation of Wisepops (see the image below).

“Our onsite notifications are essential for us, as it’s a new way to communicate with all of our visitors, without being intrusive like it can be with a popup or an email.”

Mathilde Granier, CRM Manager, Yespark
all campaigns

How Yespark engages visitors and customers with Wisepops

Here are some of Yespark’s campaigns:

  • Campaign 1: New service promotion 

  • Campaign 2: A discount code for first-time visitors (a popup)

  • Campaign 3: A discount code for returning visitors (a bar)

  • Campaign 4: Referral program promotion

  • Campaign 5: Sharing a media mention

“It’s also a way to transmit different types of messages and communicate about our brand… ... We also share strategic news or highlight new offers that we've just launched such as the short-term booking.”

Mathilde Granier, CRM Manager, Yespark

A look at the onsite notifications in action at Yespark France—

The visitors could find the new hourly parking service and brand news in just one click:

onsite notifications on yespark

Campaign 1: New service promotion 

Goal: Increase engagement with the new service (short-term booking)

Onsite channel used: onsite notifications

Yespark has recently launched a new service: short-term rental. Previously, Yespark clients could rent parking spaces for a month or longer, but the company saw an opportunity to accelerate their growth with much shorter rental (as short as one hour).

“Yespark is historically specialized in long-term parking rental with monthly subscription.

Our main targets are people who are looking for a parking spot next to their homes or offices.

Short-term booking is new to us and it’s highly strategic to gain market share and boost our growth.”

Mathilde Granier, CRM Manager, Yespark

To let visitors know about the new service, they crafted a special onsite notification. 

If the visitor was interested in the offer, all they had to do was click the button to see where they could park:

The search page opened immediately after clicking the notification, allowing to start looking easily:

parking spaces

As you can see, using the onsite notification allows Yespark to keep the main service (monthly rentals) in focus on the homepage.

Campaign results

Yespark was able to drive a lot of potential clients to the page with the new service!

In just 14 days, 3,901 visitors have seen the announcement. Of those, 464 clicked to read the details, resulting in a conversion rate of almost 12%. Over 250 visitors chose to go to the service page (which translated into a CVR of 55.3%):


Campaign 2: A discount code for first-time visitors (a popup)

Goal: Build an email list

Onsite channels used: website popups

To add new potential customers to their email list regularly, Yespark is using a welcome popup. The campaign is beautifully customized in terms of design and gives visitors a nice bonus: €15 ($16.5) off their monthly rental payment:

welcome offer on a website

Campaign results

The campaign generated almost 3,500 emails, resulting in 3.8% CTR:


Campaign 3: A discount code for returning visitors (a bar)

Goal: Build email list

Onsite channels used: website bars

Returning visitors are the best chance at acquiring customers if targeted correctly. Yespark does a great job at that and gives theirs a subtle nudge to sign up with this campaign. 

Instead of the welcome popup (which they have already seen), returning visitors see a bar at the bottom of Yespark’s website. They can continue browsing the page and subscribe if they want:

website bar for returning visitors

Using a bar instead of the popup is a good decision because bars are non-intrusive + returning visitors already more or less familiar with Yespark and how they can use it.

Campaign results

More than 1,200 returning visitors converted:


Campaign 4: Referral program promotion

Goal: Raise awareness of the referral program among active subscribers

Onsite channels used: onsite notifications

This is a great example of how Yespark personalized the communication with website visitors with UTM parameter targeting. 

The onsite notification below was only shown to active subscribers and offered them to participate in the referral program around the time of the Neighbor’s Day in France:

onsite notification

Campaign results

The campaign gave a boost to the referral program, with 9% of those who saw it reading the details fully. Around 2% of those also got the referrer code:


Goal: Raise awareness of a media mention

Onsite channels used: onsite notifications

Media mentions are a great way to raise awareness of your business and get some social proof, so why not share the news? This is exactly what Yespark did, after one of their users was featured in Direct dans votre Poche, a TV program on M6, a popular national television channel:

promo of media mention

If the visitor clicked this notification, they could get more details about the interview on the Yespark blog. Specifically, the participating Yespark user shared her tips for saving money by using a car parking rental service in France.

Campaign results

The campaign ran for only a brief period of time generated a conversion rate of 4%:


How Wisepops can help grow your business

Whether your business is an app like Yespark or an online store, you can effectively engage and convert your visitors with Wisepops. 

You get four onsite channels at your disposal: 

  • onsite notifications

  • popups

  • bars

  • embeds

Of course, you can try all the features for 14 days (no commitment) or get a demo to learn more:

Not sure yet?

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Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


West Pomeranian University of Technology


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